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Zippo Engraving Options

Conventional Engraving

All our Zippos are suitable for conventional engraving, although the effect looks clearer on Zippos that have a matt or brushed finish.


Text engraving on a Polished Chrome Zippo


Text engraving on a Brushed Chrome Zippo


Polished Chrome or Brass Zippos are best suited for photoengraving due to their smooth and mirrored finish. Text engraved is visibly clearer than conventional engraving.


Photo engraving on a Polished Chrome Zippo


Text engraving on a Polished Chrome Zippo

Bespoke Zippo Design Service

If you haven’t found a Zippo design you like, why not create your own. Using our state-of-the-art photoengraving machine we can engrave any design to create a Zippo that is completely unique. You could use a drawing, photo, logo or a combination of all three if you really want.

Our in-house Graphic Designer can also help to create your bespoke Zippo from any inspiration or ideas you may have.

For more information and pricing.

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